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Absolue (presale until May 8)


Yarn on pre-order until May 8 and shipping from May 23. This is a temporary sales base. I recommend light or medium colors such as fig, grapefruit. Dark colors may be toned down by silk.

Composition: 50% Depigmented dehaired Baby Yak 50% Mulberry Silk 


Skein of approximately 50g - 200m

Recommended needles: 2.5mm - 4mm


Sample: 28 stitches x 36 rows in 3.25mm


Care: Wash in cold water with suitable soap and a touch of vinegar then dry flat


Absolue is a luxurious, soft and satin yarn. It is made of 50% depigmented dehaired baby yak 50% silk. Please note, the skeins are 50g. All colors are possible but I recommend light or medium colors.

This yarn is hand dyed in small quantities by me with quality dyes that are environmentally friendly and free of heavy metals.

As each skein is hand-dyed in an artisanal manner, they may vary, even within the same bath. I recommend purchasing the sufficient number of skeins for your project and alternating skeins every two rows for an even result.

Some colors may bleed, don't panic! If you wish, you can add a little white vinegar during the first wash.

Colors may vary from screen to screen.

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