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Délicatesse Sable Fingering


Color : Sable

Composition : 56% Merino SW 44% Mohair

Approximately 100g skein - 360m 

Recommended needles : 2.5mm - 4mm 

Gauge : 28 stitchs x 36 rows in 3.25mm 

Washing instructions : wash with lukewarm water and an adapted soap, then dry flat


Délicatesse is as its name suggests a luxurious and delicate yarn. The polish of the Mohair gives the impression that this yarn contains silk. He is infinitely gentle. The mohair makes it slightly blurry and swelling allowing it to also be used as a sport yarn. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to Mohair, it remains very slightly spicy.

The Superkid Mohair comes from the first shearing of angora goats and these are the softest and finest fibers that mohair goats will produce. The second shear is usually called kid mohair and is always of good quality, but the wool will not be as soft as the superkid mohair.

Each skein is hand dyed, there can be colors variations, even in the same dying bath. I recommend to buy enough skeins for your product and to alternate skeins ervery two rows for a uniform result.

Some colors can bleed, don’t panic ! You can add some white vinegar during first washing.

Colors can look different between one screen and another.


Data sheet

Mérinos et Mohair
Fil Single
Echeveau 100g