Délicatesse is a well-named luxurious and delicate yarn. The luster of the Mohair gives the impression that this yarn contains silk. It is infinitely sweet. The mohair makes it slightly fuzzy and puffy allowing it also to be used as a sports yarn. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to Mohair, it remains very slightly spiky. Superkid Mohair is made from the first shearing of Angora goats and these are the softest, finest fibers that mohair goats will produce. The second shear is usually called kid mohair and is still of good quality, but the wool will not be as soft as the superkid mohair.

Composition : 56% Merinos SW 44% Superkid Mohair

Weight : 100g approximately

Length : 360m

Packaging : Skein, but can be on wool ball for free if asked.


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